Clayton Documents

Judge Augustin Smith Clayton played a supporting role in all the major national events of Andrew Jackson’s presidency from 1831 to 1835: Indian removal, the Bank War, the Democratic Party’s first national convention, the Nullification Crisis, and the formation of the Whig Party. While mentioned as a possible Whig vice-presidential nominee in 1835, Clayton’s health declined and he died at the age of fifty-six in 1839. 

Through his life and legacy, these documents explore the volatile politics of nineteenth century America.

Newspaper Articles regarding Clayton’s Family, and Early Life to 1828

Atticus Essays and Responses

Newspaper Articles mentioning Clayton and Indian Removal

Newspaper Articles mentioning Clayton and Jackson’s Bank War

Newspaper Articles mentioning Clayton at Democratic Convention in Baltimore 1832

Newspaper Articles mentioning Clayton and Nullification

Newspaper Articles mentioning Clayton and Whig Party

Newspaper Articles mentioning Clayton and Internal Improvements

Newspapers Articles about Clayton and Family, post 1828, includes Obituaries of Clayton

Wrangham Fitz-Ramble, Esq (pseud for A. S. Clayton) The Mysterious Picture (New York: Collins & Hannay, 1825) A. S. Clayton’s novel. Very large file, about 12.5 Meg. Low resolution scan and difficult to read due to quality of original.

Davy Crockett, Life of Van Buren (Believed to be ghostwritten by A. S. Clayton).

“Augustin Smith Clayton” found in Stephen F Miller, Bench and Bar of Georgia (Philadelphia, 1858), Vol 1, pp 137-192. Adobe Acrobat file. Courtesy Google Books. Extracted by Michael Gagnon.