American Annual Register

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The American Annual Register

Edited by Joseph Blunt. Imprint varies: 1827, New York, G. and C. Carvill; 1828-1830, New York, E. and G. W. Blunt; 1832, Boston, Gray and Bowen-New York, E. and G. W. Blunt; 1833, Brattleboro’, Fessenden and company- Boston, Hilliard, Gray and co., 1835, New York, W. Jackson.

Vol 1: For the Year 1825-1826

Vol 2: For the Year 1826-1827

Vol 3: For the Years 1827-8-9; Part 1

Vol 4: For the Years 1827-8-9; Part 2

Vol 5: For the Year 1829-1830

Vol 6: For the Year 1830-1831

Vol 7: For the Year 1831-1832

Vol 8: For the Year 1832-1833

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