US History 2 Readings – Summer 2014

HISTORY 2112; Sections 07 & 15


Reading Assignments

Promise =
Whichever approved version of Roark, et al,
The American Promise you are using

All other assignments can be found on the Web.

All readings should be completed before class
Click on Button to Access Web Readings

June 23 Readings
Course Introduction and Reconstruction
Promise: Chapter 16

BUTTON Learning about Websites
BUTTON 13th through 15th Amendments to the US Constitution
BUTTON Klu Klux Klan Terrorism

June 24
The New South & the Old West

Promise: Chapter 17

BUTTON Intro to Photos as Primary Documents
BUTTON Early Documentary Photography
BUTTON Modern Documentary Photography
BUTTON Henry Grady “Pickens County Funeral”
Read only pages 94-95
BUTTON Sioux Ghost Dance
Watch the 0:38 second video
BUTTON Buffalo Soldiers Photograph

June 25
Gilded Age Political Economy

Promise: Chapter 18

BUTTON Questioning Photographic Documents
“Who took the Photograph?”
BUTTON Questioning Photographic Documents
“Why and For Whom was the Photo taken?”
BUTTON Gospel of Wealth
BUTTON Carnegie’s Homestead
Letters 1892
BUTTON Homestead Strike

June 26
Urbanization & Immigration

Promise: Chapter 19

BUTTON Questioning Photographic Documents
“How was the Photo taken?”
BUTTON Questioning Photographic Documents
“What do Companion Photos tell us?”
BUTTON Haymarket Riot in Chicago 1886
BUTTON Skyscrapers
BUTTON New York Urban Photograph
BUTTON Chinese Exclusion from Immigration
BUTTON Ellis Island Photograph

June 30
Populism & Progressivism

Promise: Chapter 21

BUTTON Questioning Photographic Documents
“How was the Photo Presented?”
BUTTON Evaluating Photographs as Documents
Model Interpretation
BUTTON Omaha Platform of the Peoples Party
BUTTON Cross of Gold Speech
Listen to this 9:42 minute audio recording
BUTTON Jacob Riis 12 image slideshow
BUTTON Triangle Factory Photograph
BUTTON Meat Packing Conditions Photograph
BUTTON 16th through 19th Amendments to the US Constitution

July 1
Test & Photograph Evaluation Paper Discussion

Promise: Chapter 20

Independence Day Holiday
July 2 to July 6

July 7
Imperialism & WW1

Promise: Chapter 22

BUTTON Opposition to American Imperialism
BUTTON Platt Amendment to Cuban Constitution
BUTTON Zimmerman Telegram
BUTTON Liberty Bond Rally Photograph
BUTTON Spanish Flu Photograph
BUTTON The Sedition Act

July 8
Race in America and the Jazz Age

Promise: Chapter 23

Photograph Evaluation Paper is due tomorrow!

BUTTON Atlanta Race Riot 1906
BUTTON Red Scare Photograph
BUTTON KKK March Photograph
BUTTON Prohibition: “The Good Bootlegger”
Play this 6:19 minute PBS video
BUTTON Scopes Monkey Trial
BUTTON Teapot Dome Scandal
Skim entire document to get gist of the event

July 9
The Great Depression & New Deal

Promise: Chapter 24
Photograph Evaluation Paper Due!
20 point per class day late penalty.

Last Day to Withdraw without penalty

BUTTON Brother Can You Spare a Dime?
Play this 3:10 minute YouTube video
BUTTON The Bonus Army
BUTTON Jobless Men Photograph
BUTTON Roosevelt’s First Fireside Chat 1933
Listen to 13:00 minute audio file
BUTTON Hindenburg Zeppelin Explosion Photograph

July 10
World War 2 & Early Cold War

Promise: Chapters 25 & 26

BUTTON African-American Soldiers Photograph
BUTTON Rosie the Riveter Photograph
BUTTON Supervising Women Workers
Play this entertaining 10:37 minute video
BUTTON Japanese American Internment
BUTTON Iwo Jima Photograph
BUTTON VJ Day Photograph
BUTTON Army McCarthy Hearings
Play 7:16 minute YouTube video
BUTTON NSC 68 Recommendations & Conclusions
BUTTON Bikini Atoll Atomic Test Photograph

July 14
Test 2 & The Cold War

Promise: Chapter 27

BUTTON Krushev-Nixon Kitchen Debate Photograph
BUTTON Cuban Missle Crisis
Play 3:08 minute video
BUTTON Strategic Defense Initiative
Play 3:14 minute YouTube video

July 15
Social Revolutions & Great Society

Promise: Chapter 28

BUTTON Rosa Parks Arrest Photograph
BUTTON Crisis at Central High Photograph
BUTTON Integration viewed by World
BUTTON Lee Harvey Oswald Murder Photograph
BUTTON Voting Rights Act of 1965
BUTTON “The Pill”
Watch a “before” and an “after” video
BUTTON Roe v Wade
Listen to the Reargument audio
expand player before playing 64:00 Minute audio

July 16
Vietnam & Watergate

Promise: Chapter 29

BUTTON Gulf of Tonkin
Just read Congressional Resolution at bottom
BUTTON Tet Offensive Photograph
BUTTON My Lai Massacre
BUTTON Kent State Massacre Photograph
BUTTON CBS covers Fall of Saigon 1975
Play 4:58 minute YouTube video
BUTTON Saturday Night Massacre
BUTTON “Smoking Gun” 7:45 minute audio
BUTTON Nixon Leaves White House after Resigning Photograph

July 17
Post-Watergate America
Promise: Chapter 30

BUTTON Ronald Reagan’s Neshoba County Campaign Speech
Start listening at the 17:35 mark of this 50:23 minute audio recording
Pay closest attention when he says, “I believe in State Rights …” at mark 27:57 of the recording
BUTTON Challenger Disaster Photograph
BUTTON Iran-Contra Hearings Photograph
BUTTON Doonesbury on Monica Lewinsky
Scroll down to February 9, 1998, and click to enlarge image

July 21
Course Completion/Test 3

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